Sunday, February 28, 2010

Everything My Mother Taught Me . . . continued

** CAUTION ** 
Please note that before you read the following post I Love My Mommy Dearly. She is my best friend and no matter what harebrained idea she comes up with, I will always love her. 
Ok, so I was taking a look at my post "Everything My Mother Taught Me" and Mommy I love you, but what were you thinking! I think a better title for that post would be Everything My Mother Taught Me . . . And How Normal People Do Things.
So, in continuance with my previous post I have added a little extra to each thing my mother taught me. (i.e. How Normal People Do Things)
Let's Recap Here: 
1.)  If a recipe calls for orange juice and you don't have any, Blue Curacao is an excellent alternative  - - Blue Curacao is not an excellent alternative. While it might get people tipsy enough that they don’t really care what they are eating, the truth is, this alternative turns your cake bright blue. I’ll give my mom credit in the fact that she did ice the outside of her cake so that you couldn’t tell what color the cake was, but when someone cut in to it, well lets just say they were they were the only person that cut in to it. Now, what a normal person would have done is put on some mascara, batted their eyes, and made their significant other go out and pick them up some orange juice.
2.) Never run over dead animals in the street because you never know when someone may force you to lick your tires - - Don’t even get me started here! The scary thing is every time I’m driving and I see an animal asleep in the road I always think of this. Normal people simply go around the animal and think “Oh that poor animal.”
And 3.) When in doubt pour on the Southern Charm - - Thank You Mommy!! Now this little piece of advice is something that has saved my hiney a many a times. Alright, you've got to admit it, she’s right on this one.

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